With a superintendent search already on its plate, the Grandview school board now must find a new treasurer as well.

With a superintendent search already on its plate, the Grandview school board now must find a new treasurer as well.

During its meeting Monday, March 17, the board accepted Treasurer Tammy Rizzo's resignation, effective April 18.

Rizzo has accepted the position of director of fiscal services for the Shared Services Center Council of Governments. The council is associated with the Educational Services Center of Central Ohio.

"It was a really hard decision to leave the district," Rizzo said in an interview. "I love Grandview. It's such a great community and I've had the opportunity to work with an awesome administration and school board.

"In the end, though, it's a great opportunity and I had to make a decision about what's best for me and my family at this time."

The services center will assist the board with its search for Rizzo's replacement. It also is coordinating the board's search for a replacement for Superintendent Ed O'Reilly, who will resign July 31.

George Tombaugh, assistant superintendent with the center, this week provided the board with an overview of how the treasurer search will be conducted.

The position was posted Tuesday, March 18, and, as with the superintendent search, potential candidates will be targeted and contacted to gauge their potential interest in applying for the job, Tombaugh said.

If all goes as planned, a new treasurer would be selected by June 1, he said.

"We are all sad to see Tammy go," O'Reilly said. "She has done a wonderful job for the district. You can count on her numbers all of the time."

Rizzo has worked in the district for seven years, first as assistant treasurer, then moving up to the lead role after David Knisley retired at the end of 2010.

Also at this week's meeting, school board member Jesse Truett, who is the liaison working with the services center on the superintendent search, reported that consultants Bill Reimer and Dale McVey have begun to bring the names of potential candidates for the board to contact.

While these people are considered to have the skills, characteristics and experience the board is looking for in a superintendent, they will not necessarily be candidates, despite the district's interest in them, Truett said.

"They are interviewing us as much as we are interviewing them," he said, adding they will not be actual candidates for the position unless they submit a formal application.

Truett said the roster of candidates will be impressive.

The board has set an April 7 application deadline for the superintendent position.