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Village resident withdraws variance request for garage


David Bell's withdrawal of his request for a variance to allow him to build a larger garage than planned on his Cambridge Boulevard property made the Marble Cliff Village Council's task simple at its April 2 special meeting.

Council approved an aesthetic review of a revised design for the home Bell will build at 1221 Cambridge Blvd.

Bell had been seeking an amendment to the lot split with variance it granted in 2010 for his parcel at 1123 Cambridge Blvd. He remodeled an existing home on the southern end of the lot and is building his own home on the northern end.

A neighbor, Wiley Elliott, raised an objection to the proposed amendment because, he said, the garage would block sunlight from coming into the backyard of his property, which abuts the northern end of Bell's lot.

Bell had asked to be allowed to build a three-car garage rather than the two-car structure he originally planned so he could house his woodworking equipment there.

Council asked the two men to continue their discussions to see if a compromise could be worked out.

Elliott had said at council's March meeting that he and Bell were "that close" to resolving their issues.

But with Bell's revised plans and withdrawal of his variance request for the garage, "there is nothing that is being asked for or has been drawn that exceeds the perimeters of the (original) ordinance," Mayor Kent Studebaker told council.

Since council already approved the aesthetic review of the project's original plans, all it was asked to do at the April 2 meeting was to accept the details of the plans as they have been redrawn, he said.

The plans have been revised so that the new house will not exceed 27 feet tall, the determined height of the home located to its south, Studebaker said.

The original ordinance in 2010 stipulated the new home could not be taller than the house to the south.

With council's approval of the aesthetic review, construction of the new house will be able to continue, Studebaker said.