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Our Lady of Victory upgrades will require variance

Church hopes to fix walkway, install pavers, may add statue


Our Lady of Victory Church likely will seek a variance from Marble Cliff Village Council to pave the way for planned improvements to church grounds.

Gene McHugh, a member of the church's building committee, presented preliminary plans for the project at council's meeting Monday, April 21.

The project is needed because portions of the concrete walkway leading to the front of the church are crumbling, McHugh said.

Replacement concrete would be installed and a portion of the grass near the entrance would be covered by about 800 square feet of pavers, he said.

The new paved area would be used for clergy to "meet and greet" parishioners after services and for similar purposes after weddings, McHugh said. A portion of the paved area also could be used for photographs of the bride and groom.

Most of the new paved area would be of a similar color to the slate roof of the church, he said.

A variance would be needed because the new pavement would put the church even further over the maximum percentage of lot coverage allowed by village code, McHugh said.

The church property currently has a lot coverage of about 58 percent; this project would increase it to 59 percent, he said.

A variance was granted when the church previously completed a landscaping project about a decade ago.

Other project plans include installing new sidewalks by the meditation area and replacing the three benches in that space, McHugh said.

The church also is considering placing a statue -- perhaps a bronze figure of Jesus praying -- in the meditation area, he said. The statue would be located across from the benches.

Additional boxwood shrubs would be planted to the south of the meditation area to further screen it from vehicular traffic, McHugh said.

The church will bring more details about the project when it formally makes the request for a variance, he said.