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Decision on November school levy

Board waits for info on tax advances


Before it can determine the millage of a potential levy for the November ballot, Grandview school board members want more information about the impact of the district's practice of using a tax advance from the county auditor for the current fiscal year's revenues rather than for the following year's revenues.

The topic was discussed Monday, June 16, at a special board meeting.

The board is deciding whether to place a levy on the Nov. 4 ballot.

Board members asked for more information about how using the tax advances has impacted past budgets and what the impact on future budgets would be if the district stopped the practice.

The board tentatively has scheduled another special meeting for Friday, June 20. Incoming Treasurer Beth Collier said she is compiling the information for the board with the goal of having it ready for the meeting.

The board will hold its regular meeting today, June 19, and will make a final decision about whether the special meeting will go on as scheduled then, interim Treasurer Cindy Ritter said.

Ritter said she and Collier discovered the district's use of tax advances while preparing an updated five-year forecast and trying to determine potential millage levels and resulting revenues.

"We really can't determine the best millage until we resolve these questions" about the tax advance issue, she said.

Ritter told the board using the tax advances "is not a best practice" and is not something she would do if she was the full-time treasurer for a district.

While the taxes are collected on a calendar-year basis, school district budgets are based on fiscal years, which end June 30, she said.

Ritter's calculations indicate that even without the tax advances, in each of the next three fiscal years, including the current one, the district's property tax revenue will fall at least $233,000 below what was previously projected.