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Library keeps residents online at pool, parks

Free Wi-Fi now available at Pierce Field; more Grandview-area locations soon to follow


Whether they are watching a baseball game at Pierce Field or relaxing at the municipal pool, visitors to Grandview Parks and Recreation facilities will be able to remain connected to the web.

Free wireless Internet service soon will be provided by the Grandview Heights Public Library at several sites around town.

The service started earlier this month at Pierce Field and is expected to be in place at the pool before the end of the month, Grandview Library Director Ryan McDonnell said.

Wi-Fi access will follow in the coming months at McKinley Field and at Wyman Woods, after that park's improvement project is completed, he said.

"We've already heard a lot of favorable comments from people about Pierce Field," McDonnell said. "We view this as a public service to the community."

The Internet service is funded with private funds from the Grandview Library Foundation.

"We're so excited about this project and having the opportunity to partner with the library," Grandview Parks and Recreation Director Sean Robey said. "What's really great about it is that there is no public dollars being used."

Parents should especially appreciate the ability to remain connected when they bring their children to the park or pool, he said.

"They can do some work or surf the Internet while their youngsters are playing," Robey said.

With the service, students, businesses and individuals will be able to enjoy a more-relaxing outdoor working space, McDonnell said.

"I could imagine businesses holding a meeting in a park setting while everyone is still able to be connected on their computers," he said.

The free Wi-Fi service also will provide greater access to the content in the library's digital collection, McDonnell said.