Everywhere he goes, Tom Etter brings his camera along.

Everywhere he goes, Tom Etter brings his camera along.

"I never know what I'm going to find that I'll want to photograph," he said. "If you're traveling with me, you probably need to have some patience.

"You might feel like we're never going to get where were going to," Etter said, chuckling as he recalled a recent trip to visit his son in Colorado.

"My wife and I wanted to do some sightseeing while we were there," he said. "They wanted to get from Point A to Point B in enough time to get to see what we were going to see, so I was delegated to the back seat. I took a lot of pictures out of the back window of the car."

The photographs he took on that trip are part of a series the Grandview resident calls "Colorado 0 to 60."

"Some of them were taken once we got out of the car and those are '0,' " Etter said. "Some were taken while we were traveling 60 mph down the freeway. You can take some pretty good pictures out the window of a car."

Those and other photographs Etter has taken in his travels are included in an exhibition of his work during January in the reference department at the Grandview Heights Public Library, 1685 W. First Ave.

After working 40 years as a commercial photographer, Etter said he also enjoys taking pictures for the pure pleasure of it.

A lot of that pleasure comes after the photo is taken, when Etter uses Photoshop and other computer tools to manipulate the image.

"I call it 'creating an image,' rather than just taking pictures," he said. "I really enjoy working at it and experimenting to see how I can use the computer to enhance the photograph. I try to find what needs to be done to it, but it always comes from the original image I shot."

Visitors to the library can view two photographs taken on the same day at Grand Lake St. Marys State Park in northwest Ohio with completely different depictions of the scene.

Etter bathed one of the photographs in dark blue, while the other, titled "Super Planet," superimposes a large orb in the sky over the water.

The flock of birds flying over the water reveals the setting is the same in each picture.

Another composition, "Winter Silo," is actually three separate photos respectively featuring a silo, tractor and farmhouse combined to create the image of one location.

"I really like traveling the back roads because when I spot something I like, it's easier to stop and take a photograph," Etter said. "I never know where I may end up. The photographs (I'm taking) lead me on. There are great images to take everywhere you look -- you just have to be open to seeing them."

More examples of Etter's work are displayed and for sale on his website, etterphotography.com.

The monthly displays at the library are coordinated by Grandview Heights/Marble Cliff Arts Council President Ruthanne James.

The showcases "let the community know what fabulous artists live right here in our own community," James said.

The art exhibits are scheduled at least six months in advance so the artists' information can be included in the library's brochures, she said.

Anyone interested in having their work displayed should email James at artraj@att.net or call her at 614-486-6456.

Upcoming art exhibits at the library will include paintings by Malvin M. Hicks in February; photography by Arlo Moon in March; photography by Dennis Savage in April; and the annual Bobcat Show, featuring work created by Grandview students, in May.