To the editor:

To the editor:

Not passing the South-Western City Schools' upcoming levy would be unfair to smart, talented and active students.

Students who are active in a sport or art do better in school and in postsecondary situations, as proven by research. If all extracurricular activities and Advanced Placement classes were taken away from the students in our community, what do you think the future of this community will be?

What about the kids who do not have the best home life and become involved in activities to avoid the strife they find at home? 

Why take away opportunities for scholarships based on academics and activities?

Please assist your community and your children by passing this levy. 

I am a sophomore at Central Crossing High School, on the honor roll and I am on football and basketball cheerleading squads, as well as a competition squad. 

I look forward to the challenges of AP classes because I know that those classes will prepare me for college and a global economy, as I intend to become a pediatrician.

Don't you want me to follow my dreams and come back to this community to set up my practice and aid your grandchildren?

Please make this a reality for both of us.


Jaimie Kraer