Collin Whitt has built a bridge not only for Evans Park, but for reaching his future goals.

Collin Whitt has built a bridge not only for Evans Park, but for reaching his future goals.

The 17-year-old, soon-to-be senior at Grove City High School designed and is executing a plan to remove and totally rebuild a bridge that spans a small stream at Evans Park, behind the Big Splash, as his Eagle Scout project.

"I would say the planning was harder than the actual construction of the bridge," Whitt said.

He said he documented more than 200 hours of volunteer service during his project -- at least 60 hours in planning and 140 in construction.

He coordinated the efforts of 22 people from Troop 385 for three days in late June to bridge. He had help from classmates, parents and other Eagle Scouts.

"I learned a lot about leadership and more about communication and administration," he said. "It doesn't really seem like it would be, but that was probably harder than doing any real work."

Whitt enlisted the help of his former scoutmaster Roland Guay to help him plan and execute the project. They started in March, Whitt said.

"Collin must have looked up to me," said Guay, who has three sons who have earned Eagle rank. "It's an honor to be his mentor and help him work on his project."

The job is done, but Whitt isn't an Eagle Scout yet.

"I'm real close," he said.

Whitt is waiting to go before an Eagle project review board of leaders from local Boy Scout troops and district scoutmasters, before he can declare himself a Boy Scout of Eagle rank.

He said only 2 percent of Boy Scouts eventually earn the rank of Eagle.

"I think it's just something to be proud of," he said. "It just seems pretty awesome."

"It opens doors," his father Terry Whitt added.

His father said he thinks getting into college will be much easier with the Eagle Scout rank.

The scout said he wants to major in either mining or petroleum engineering at Ohio State University by the fall of 2010.