To the editor:

Once again another farmers market has come and gone, and it was great as usual. But one thing that I'm very disappointed in is the lack of recycling bins in the downtown area during this, and all other city events.

In the past I have talked to someone in the mayor's office, the Chamber of Commerce and members of "Keep Grove City Green" and I was told by all "it would be looked into."

I didn't attend the Homecoming or Arts in the Alley this year, but I can be fairly certain that there were no bins at either of these events.

I know there weren't at the balloon festival. I talked to people at the main tent about it and again was given the same line about looking into it, and I was promised a phone call from whomever was in charge, which never happened.

I'm always disgusted when I drive though Grove City on trash day and see how few houses have those blue bins sitting out on the curb. How can the city expect to educate the citizens of the area on the importance of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle if the heads of all these activities don't lead by example?

Mary L. Frea

Grove City

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in support of SWCS school board write- in candidate Sandi Davis. I have been following the campaign to this point and I like what I read from and about her. While most candidates are on one side or the other and speak in political code, Sandi Davis seems to have a refreshing honesty about her.

So many candidates speak of the state as a solution to SWCS' financial crisis.

The idea that the state is going to come in on a white horse and save us is an illusion.

It is nothing more than a campaign sham and I think most of the voters in the district know this.

Only Sandi Davis, from what I read, has the audacity to say that this is a tough situation and everyone is part of the solution. I give her high marks for her honesty. Only time will tell whether this is an electable trait.

Kelly Erdy

Pleasant Township

To the editor:

Regarding the recent "recommendations" of Cindy Legue to the SWCS board, I find it amusing that someone who spent a week reviewing portions of the district's finances thinks she has found the solution to our district's financial situation.

Maybe she can tell us how to get the state to fix school funding, too.

Does she care about the quality of education for SWCS students when she chooses to send her own children to private school?

Even if what Ms. Legue proposed was not part of an existing, negotiated contract and could be altered without following the collective bargaining process mandated by the state of Ohio, where would the next $8-million come from that will have to be cut the following year?

We can't just cut our way out of this. It's time to pass a levy too.

Sam Clark

Grove City

To the editor:

Two school board candidates sadly declared opposition to the levy by citing school funding and teacher pay as a source of discontent.

The Ohio State Supreme Court's attempt to change state funding is based on a lawsuit filed in 1991. Can we afford to wait on the state for a new plan while the district runs out of money and goes into receivership? What if the solution is an added form of taxation?

The money has to come from somewhere and there are no guarantees that residents will be completely absolved of any financial responsibilities.

With regard to pay, spend some quality time in the schools in order to make an informed decision on the earnings of a teacher.

This levy needs to focus on the quality education of our children, the homeowners who value their property and the community in which they live.

Jim Swearingen

Grove City