Two candidates are running Nov. 8 for an at-large seat on Grove City Council.

Two candidates are running Nov. 8 for an at-large seat on Grove City Council.

Incumbent Steven Bennett is running against Larry Corbin.

At-large members serve a two-year term. Ward terms are for four years.

Bennett has lived in Grove City for 26 years and is president of Bennett-Edgar Insurance Agency. He earlier served two years as an at-large council member and four years as Ward 3 representative. He said he has good working relationships needed to get things accomplished.

Much remains to be done in the community, Bennett said. In the midst of a growth spurt, the city needs to make sure it has a plan to provide for appropriate growth.

Responsible development is the city’s most pressing need, Bennett said, saying he’s “cautiously optimistic” about the city’s decision to allow Pizzuti consultants to design the town center.

“Our city burns $25,000 to $30,000 to come up with yet another study,” he said.

The city also must make sure traffic from Buckeye Parkway is handled properly on Stringtown Road, Bennett said. The city also needs to find an appropriate location for a new fire station.

Regarding the city’s IRS debt issue, he said council has taken steps to make sure things are done more professionally. The city increased the strength of the audit committee and will utilize new accounting software and procedures dealing with increased checks and balances.

“If you run the city like a business, you don’t end up with as many of these problems,” Bennett said, and the city has to be accountable.

A 43-year Grove City resident, Corbin retired as president and CEO of Bob Evans in 2006 and is on the board of directors. He earlier served as ward 3 council representative.

City council suffers from a lack of teamwork, Corbin said, saying he doesn’t see any leadership either.

“What I see on city council is private agendas,” he said. “You can’t represent yourself; you have to represent the people,” he said. He said can help make the city better by providing a change and leadership.

Corbin listed job creation and growth and development as the city’s biggest needs amid the challenges of the economy. “I think I can help get that done,” he said.

The city should streamline the process necessary for prospective businesses to settle in the area, he said. The city needs to “treat them as guests, not as enemies.”

Corbin said the city’s IRS debt issue “didn’t happen yesterday. It’s happened over a period of years.”

“Everyone wants to pass the buck to somebody else,” he said, and everyone involved has responsibility for the issue.

He said he is confident the city will find a resolution, recovering the missing money and perhaps sending those responsible to jail.