Grove City's income-tax revenue for January is nearly 15 percent less than the revenue collected in January 2011.

Grove City's income-tax revenue for January is nearly 15 percent less than the revenue collected in January 2011.

This January Grove City collected $1,472,998, which is $251,843 less than the $1,724,841 collected the same month last year.

"I don't see that being a trend," Mayor Richard "Ike" Stage told Grove City Council on Feb. 21.

Net profits contributed to the decrease, city finance director Mike Turner told The Record. Last year's net profits were a bit higher because a business overpaid its income taxes. The city paid the business a refund, which again affected the net profit total. While Turner declined to specify the dollar amount, he said it was a large refund.

"With net profits, that does happen from time to time," he said.

Turner, like Stage, remains optimistic. The fact that the city's withholding collections for January are up 6.3 percent, or $67,792, from the same month last year is a good sign, he said.

Also at the meeting, council approved an ordinance that would authorize the city admin-istrator to enter into an agreement with Time Warner Communications for Internet access.

The agreement consolidates the city's existing services into one contract, said Todd Hurley, information systems manager. The city had been paying $1,526 per month for existing Internet service. After consolidation, the city will pay $1,383 per month. The $143 cost reduction is a product of both consolidation and the ability to offer services more cheaply.

The city also upgraded its Internet speed with Time Warner through the Ohio Department of Administrative Services. The city had paid $1,000 per month for 10 megabytes of fiber optic cable. They will now pay $1,500 per month for 50 megabytes of fiber optic cable.

Council appointed Allen Houk to the city income tax board of review. Ben Brace and chair Ritchie Wilson are the other two members. The volunteers, appointed by Stage, hear appeals from residents on local income tax questions.

Council heard resident Dick Rutherford ask that council hold its caucus meetings in a bigger space.

Council recently reinstituted the caucus sessions, during which city officials talk informally without an agenda. The sessions are held at 6:30 p.m., preceding normal council meetings, in a small room adjacent to council chambers.

On Feb. 21, council members, city staffers and citizens were in the room, some standing against the wall and some outside the door.

Rutherford said it was hard to hear what was going on during the session.

"I think it's very sad that we as a city can't accommodate the citizenry of the city to an open meeting," he said.

At the caucus, city attorney Stephen Smith said the city on Feb. 15 filed a civil action against former Grove City payroll specialist Jacqueline Kincade for the amount specified in the Ohio Auditor's Office special audit of the city.