Grove City will seek bids to demolish a hotel that long has been called a nuisance.

Grove City will seek bids to demolish a hotel that long has been called a nuisance.

Grove City Council on April 16 approved a resolution allowing the city to start the bidding process.

At the end of October, Fu Ih Chu, owner of the Value Inn Hotel in Grove City, was notified that he had until May 1 to either sell the property or demolish the structures on site before the city demolishes the contents.

The property has not been sold, city chief building official Mike Boso said.

"I'm not aware of any plans that (the owner) has to renovate, or for someone else to come in and do it," he said.

Boso said he would like the building to be demolished within the first two weeks of May.

The city may demolish any structures on the property. Any costs the city incurs may be added as a lien on the property. Ultimately, when Chu sells the property, he first must pay off the lien.

City attorney Stephen Smith said the city has worked for nearly five years to clean up the property.

The decision for the Value Inn Hotel, 4200 Gantz Road, was made by an agreed-upon entry through the Franklin County Municipal Court's Environmental Division.

"This was an agreement amongst all the parties," according to Smith, who added that the city did not force the agreement upon the owner.

The Jackson Township Board of Trustees and the Jackson Township Fire Department filed a complaint against the Value Inn on Jan. 7, 2007. Grove City filed a complaint Jan. 12, 2007. The two parties combined their cases. A temporary injunction was filed Jan. 17, 2007. The hotel has been closed since then.

On Sept. 23, 2008, following a trial, the court issued a permanent injunction and declared the property a public nuisance.

The city had issues with the hotel's substandard maintenance and repairs, Boso said.

In accordance with an ordinance passed in December 2005, the Franklin County Board of Health inspects hotels and motels twice a year, Boso said. The board of health had sanitary issues with the Value Inn regarding bedding and mattresses.

The Grove City Police Department also had numerous calls to the hotel for criminal activity, Boso said.

The property owner petitioned multiple times to reopen the hotel, but the court denied each petition, Boso said.

The city has been patient since 2007, he said.

"It's a reflection back on the city when you have properties like this," he said.

Joseph Piccin, attorney for Chu and Value Inn, said he and his client decline to comment.