Grove City Record

Grove City Planning Commission

Development plans earn recommendations


The Grove City Planning Commission approved a pair of development plans and a couple of other items during its meeting Oct. 2.

Commission members voted to recommend City Council approve a project calling for a long-term care nursing facility at the southeast corner of Buckeye Parkway and Blue Star Drive.

According to a city staff report from the development department dated Sept. 28, the plan, submitted by Chris Inverso of Suburban Grove City LLC, calls for a 99-bed facility to be located on 9.66 acres off an extension of Blue Star Drive that will be developed concurrently by Rockford Homes as the facility is developed.

Rockford Homes owns the property.

Although the proposed area originally was identified for single-family homes in the Meadow Groves development plan approved in 2003, staff has indicated in its report the nursing facility will not be detrimental to present and potential future surrounding uses and that the applicant has taken appropriate measures to ensure it will not negatively affect the area's character.

The second development plan approved by the planning commission calls for the construction of a 3,777-square-foot building by Maverick Builders Inc. Murfin Fields, 4570 Haughn Road, will be used for offices and meeting space.

The facility, according to another city staff report, also proposes a concession area and handicap-accessible indoor restrooms and will require the removal of two existing structures to construct the new building so it is adjacent to the courtyard.

The recommendation to approve comes with three conditions recommended by city staff and the planning commission: All ground-mounted mechanicals shall be screened; all exterior lighting shall have cut-off type fixtures; and a portion of the submitted site plan pertaining to rooftop mechanicals shall be removed, since all mechanicals will be ground-mounted.

Both development plans are scheduled to be voted on by council for final approval at council's meeting Monday, Oct. 15.

The planning commission also voted to approve a rezoning change at 3827 Broadway from C-1 Service Commercial to C-2 Retail Commercial to allow martial arts and self-defense instruction on the site by Grove City Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which according to a staff report has outgrown its current location at 4376 Broadway.