Writer Liz Thompson just sort of followed to where her new book was calling.

Writer Liz Thompson just sort of followed to where her new book was calling.

"I started working on it three-and-a-half, four years ago," she said. "Most people when they write books will tell you they have a plan, and it just evolves."

Thompson, 61, has released her second book, God Whispers: Nudges, Fudges and Butterfly Moments by Jebaire Publishing.

The book, Thompson said, contains personal stories and lessons about the life God calls for people to lead. It's about learning to listen to that call, she said.

"One of the reasons I wrote it is I don't think God reaches us the same way," Thompson said. "He meets your where you are ... We just have to be willing to listen."

Listening has always been important to Thompson. Her first book, released in 2008, was called Day by Day, The Chronicles of a Hard of Hearing Reporter. Born hard of hearing, she started losing her hearing in childhood and eventually became totally deaf. Now, she has cochlear implants.

"I had to learn to listen in unique ways," Thompson said. "I had to develop them so I knew what was going on in the listening world."

While most of the book is written by Thompson, there are 15 contributors, ranging in age from 7 to 95, who provided stories and poems.

"It's a book you can pick up, read a poem or chapter and put down," Thompson said. "It's not a novel."

Some of those contributions came from other Grove City residents, including Ruth Sawyer Jividen, Mary Reuter, Sonja Stauch and Rosemary Barkef, as well as Pastor Stan Kirtlan, senior minister at Buckeye Christian Church offers a chapter and forward to the book, and his wife Christy, who is the church's Family Life Ministry Leader.

"(The book) wouldn't be nearly as good without them," said Thompson, referring to the contributors.

Thompson said it was the reporter in her that got her to gather stories from others.

"I started talking to people," she said. "I always learn when I read other people's stories."

Since 1998, Thompson has been a newspaper columnist for such publications as ThisWeek Community Newspapers, The Arizona Republic and Suburban News Publications, where she was a reporter for two years.

"You find a much better story when you find people," she said.

Thompson and her husband Bob live in Grove City. She is originally from Westerville. They have one daughter and three grandchildren who live in Dayton.

Information about ordering either of Thompson's books is available online at lizthompsonbooks.com.