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Columbus Metro Trooper of the Year

Grove City's Niemeyer wins state patrol honor


Christian J. Niemeyer has "been on the road" since 2007, which was when he officially became a trooper with the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

"I do like making a difference," he said. "There's something new every day."

Niemeyer, 32, a Grove City resident, was recently selected as the 2012 Trooper of the Year at the Columbus Metro Post.

According to a news release from the Columbus Metro Post, Niemeyer was selected by his fellow officers for his "leadership abilities, professional ethics, courteous treatment of others, enthusiastic work attitude and cooperation with supervisors, peers and the public."

"I feel it's a great accomplishment," he said. "I feel proud of it ... I'm just doing what a lot of the other guys are doing there."

Before serving at the Columbus Post, he was stationed at the Wilmington Post and the Granville Post.

Niemeyer also spent 12 years in the National Guard.

"It kind of inspired me to do something a little more active and exciting," he said.

The Columbus Metro Post generally covers anything that occurs within Franklin County.

"The state highway patrol has kind of evolved over the years," Niemeyer said. "We're trying to look at the bigger picture."

That includes enforcing traffic laws, responding to and investigating accidents, tracking down drug couriers and educating the public about safe and unsafe driving habits.

"Anything on the road way," Niemeyer said.

Niemeyer is a graduate of Bowling Green State University with a degree in education. Originally from Wapakoneta and a graduate of the high school there, he has lived in Grove City for six and a half years and is married to Kristen.

The honor of Trooper of the Year at the post level put Niemeyer in the running for Trooper of the Year at the district and state levels, but he did not receive that distinction.

Other awards he has won in the past include the Safe Driving Ribbon and Physical Fitness Ribbon.