Grove City Record

Grove City police report child-enticement incident


The Grove City Police Department has released a crime alert about an incident involving child enticement.

According to the crime alert, an 11-year-old male student was walking home at about 4:30 p.m. Jan. 30, from Park Street Intermediate School in the area of Girbert Street and Anna Avenue.

A gold-colored vehicle pulled up near him, and a white male exited the vehicle and approached him, according to police.

The man then allegedly asked the student to get into his vehicle, but the student punched the man in the nose and ran off when the man tried to reach for him.

The man is described in the crime alert as having full facial hair and a “scruffy” look, with an odor of cigarette smoke about him. The license tags on his vehicle are reported to have been white with black letters and numbers.

Anyone with additional information should contact the police department at 614-277-1710.