A new facility has opened up in Grove City to offer employment opportunities for the developmentally disabled.

A new facility has opened up in Grove City to offer employment opportunities for the developmentally disabled.

ViaQuest Inc., a comprehensive provider of support services to people with developmental disabilities, has opened a new location in Grove City at 4000 Gantz Road, Suite F. A grand opening of the facility, complete with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house, was held Friday, Feb. 1.

In addition to offering recreational activities for its clients, ViaQuest also will provide them with work opportunities.

"The biggest thing we want to do is create jobs for people with disabilities," said ViaQuest President and CEO Rich Johnson. "Everything we do is to support people in the community with disabilities so they can live where they choose."

The work ViaQuest offers its clients is minimum wage, said Vice President of Development Mitch Snyder. Snyder said they work with other businesses to order bulk supplies on their behalf, bring the supplies to their facilities, then have clients pack and organize the items before shipping them out.

"We check it," he said. "We sort it. We ship to businesses."

In Dayton, ViaQuest has a similar arrangements with local schools for school supplies.

"We're talking to school districts all over Ohio about that," Snyder said.

Snyder said ViaQuest also offers janitorial work and painting to clients, but the program also includes recreational activities, including trips into the community. Clients are at the facility five days a week for five hours at a time

"For some people here, it's just recreation," he said. "They don't have to work."

The building previously housed a call center for PNC Bank, and Snyder said ViaQuest has adapted the warehouse, office and conference spaces to suit its needs and activities.

"We take in a variety of people with a variety of needs," Snyder said. "We have a variety of spaces."

Currently, the Grove City facility serves about 20 people, with 19 of them transferred from ViaQuest's Westerville location because it's closer to their homes. ViaQuest provides its clients with transportation.

Snyder said they anticipate serving 50 people and maintaining a staff of 10.

"Strategically, we picked Grove City for its location," Snyder said. "We saw a need."

For more information, visit viaquestinc.com.