The new business of Kathleen and Paul Branson is one for the dogs -- and cats.

The new business of Kathleen and Paul Branson is one for the dogs -- and cats.

"If you came in, you'd think it was for people," Kathleen Branson said. "We say it's a cut above a pet salon."

The Bransons are the owners of Scruffy to Fluffy, a pet salon that opened in November at 3391 Park St. in Grove City.

"I really wanted to be here in the Town Center," she said. "I've been here a long time, and I'm happy."

Services offered for cats and dogs at Scruffy to Fluffy include bathing, nail work, creative grooming, specialty shampoos, de-shedding and more.

"It takes an hour and a half to do a dog all the way through," Kathleen Branson said. "Personalized. Customized."

That also involves a bit of creative grooming, such as mohawks with Ohio State's scarlet and gray.

"We do all kinds of dogs," she said. "Outside dogs, inside dogs, little ones, big ones."

Branson said the idea is to treat the business as a spa for dogs.

"We treat the dog like it's one of our own family," she said. "The idea is it's a stress-free environment for the dogs and the owner ... The calmer the dog, the easier to groom, the less traumatic it is for everyone."

The animals are not dried in cages, soothing music is played for them and their owners are invited to stay with their pets and be present during the procedure.

"It's a more open philosophy," Paul Branson said.

For the Bransons, pet grooming is more than just making the animals look nice; it's also about the animals' health and happiness.

"There's an advantage to bringing a dog in three or four times a year," Paul Branson said. "Sometimes, a bad grooming can be detrimental to a dog."

Pet grooming involves a lot of education to get it right, Kathleen Branson said, as well as understanding how to work with animals that don't always sit still and sometimes bite.

"You can't just groom a dog," she said. "There's a science behind it."

More information about Scruffy to Fluffy and appointments are available by calling 614-949-6829 or emailing