Grove City Record

Legislation will set up new library construction


The Grove City administration is bringing legislation to City Council to consider that will authorize the city to purchase land for the new library.

Council's next meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 18, and at that meeting, council is expected to have its first reading of a pair of ordinances that will authorize City Administrator Chuck Boso to proceed with the purchase of two residential parcels in the Grove City Town Center: 3418 Grant Ave. and 3422 Grant Ave.

The city, according to information from the Franklin County Auditor's website, already owns parcels to the east and west of these properties.

"These two are right in the middle," Boso said.

The intersection of Grant Avenue and Broadway is the currently planned site of a new 48,000 square foot library in Grove City for Southwest Public Libraries as proposed by the development firm the Pizzuti Cos.

Pizzuti proposed last year moving the existing Grove City library to that site from its current location at 3359 Park St. as part of a Town Center redevelopment that also calls for moving City Hall, 4035 Broadway, to the current library site.

Boso said the city will pay about $272,000 for both parcels -- $120,000 for 3422 Grant and $152,000 for 3418 Grant.

Council also will have a reading of an ordinance March 18 that will authorize the purchase of additional property on that block: 3951 Broadway and 3959-963 Broadway.

Boso said while the deal still has to be finalized even after council's authorization, the cost is expected to be $1 million. In addition, if the city ultimately does not close that deal, it will pay the property owner $50,000.

"These three pieces of legislation would in fact enable us to construct the library at that location," Boso said.

Assuming council approves the ordinances, the earliest construction of the new library would begin is probably in six to nine months, Boso said. In addition to finalizing the design and specifications of the new building, the city and library have to come to an agreement on how much money the library will contribute to the construction and how much it will pay annually as part of the debt service.

"The key element is the agreement with the library," Boso said.

Earlier in the year, the city and library agreed the city would "cause to be constructed" the new library and be responsible for acquiring the land for it while the library would make a one-time payment as an upfront capital investment, pay a portion of the annual debt service and enter into a 30-year lease agreement for the City Hall site. At the end of the lease agreement period, the site will be deeded to the library.

Once the library is completely relocated, the city would then own the existing library site at no cost.