Jackson Township is looking to take out the trash.

Jackson Township is looking to take out the trash.

The Jackson Township Board of Trustees voted unanimously to assess delinquent trash collection bills on to the taxes of several property owners.

"These are folks that did not pay their trash bill, and now their taxes are being assessed," said trustees Chairman David Burris at the March 26 meeting.

Township Administrator Mike Lilly said the township will assess 11 properties that owe money for trash services. While the total assessed valued owed is $1,400, the owners will each owe an additional $100 administrative fee for a combined $2,500.

Lilly said notices of delinquent fees were sent out to 63 properties back in January, but most of them paid back what they owed.

"They've had their chance," he said of those owners who have not resolved.

The solid waste provider for Jackson Township is Local Waste Services, which also provides services for Grove City and Urbancrest. Billing is done on a quarterly basis, and when a payment is missed, property owners have 60 days to pay up.

Lilly said the 11 delinquent properties were the result of missed payments in the second, third and fourth quarters of 2012.

In other news at the March 26 meeting:

* The board of trustees approved the promotion of one firefighter and the hiring of two full-time firefighter/ medics.

Fire Lt. William Dolby was promoted to the position of captain and will serve the new position of EMS training and fire prevention officer.

"It's going to make our department better," said Fire Chief Lloyd Sheets. "It's kind of an exciting time."

The two part-time department members hired full-time were Dustin Bradbury and Ryan Feyh.

"They'll be good for Jackson Township," Sheets said.

Dolby, Bradbury and Feyh were officially sworn in at the meeting and accompanied by family members, and a reception followed the meeting.

* The board voted to appropriate $5,430 to pay the state auditor fees for the township's biannual audit. Lilly said the amount is an estimate based on what the fee has been in the past.

* The board also voted to place four surplus fire department vehicles, including a rescue truck and two medic vehicles, up for sale.