Grove City Record

Guest column

Find a friend at the local Y


The YMCA on Orders Road is a super place to make friends. I know! I do not let the fact that I am 87 years old stop my going there seven days a week to exercise and make friends.

You can go early or late or in the middle of the day. I am wrong-sorry-Sundays you can go to early church and then the Y is open at 11 a.m.

I find that Jim, Rita, Clyde, Joan, Ed, Barb, Clint, Clayton, David, Lori and many others I have met are friends now.

We do our own thing on the track, in the pool, as part of a class, on the machines and then sit and enjoy the best free coffee or tea in Franklin County as we talk and enjoy each others company.

Humana, Aetna Medicare and MediGold pay for you to attend the Y. They want you to stay healthy.

Ask whoever is at the sign in counter if your insurance will pay, too. Candy, Missy, Tess are three who will use the computer to check it out for you.

If you like being in a class, there are a lot of them to consider including pilate, aerobics and yoga and many others where people there are there because they like the class, want to learn and will make you welcome, too.

Silver Sneakers plans a lot of outings and the pot lucks and special events that are always fun and good eating. Good times to meet new people and make new friends.

You just missed Boot Scooting Party complete with a mechanical bull but more exciting things are planned for you to enjoy as you meet new people and make new friends.

Check it out. Friends are priceless! Go to the Y and say "Hi, how are you doing today ..." and you are on your way.