Grove City Record

Bad sensor leads to canceled classes at Darbydale


Darbydale Elementary students received an unexpected day off from school Friday, April 12 when classes were canceled because the warning indicator on the school's gas detector triggered, twice.

"It turned out, fortunately, that there was no gas leak.," said Darbydale Principal Beverlee Powers. "It was just a faulty sensor cartridge."

Students returned to class on Monday.

The gas detector was installed two years ago and tests for seven different types of gases, Powers said.

On April 10, Darbydale was evacuated for about one hour after the warning indicator activated, she said.

The Pleasant Township fire department and Fire Systems Professionals, the school's safety monitoring service, were called and tested the air quality in the building, finding nothing of concern.

The warning indicator went off again after the school day had ended on April 11 and it was decided then to cancel classes for Friday as a precaution, Powers said. A mass notification call was made to families and staff members and an email sent as well and information was posted on the district website.

"The safety of our students and staff is are first concern," Powers said.

Several agencies, including the Pleasant Township and Columbus fire departments, Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio, Lawhon & Associates Environmental Services and Fire Systems Professionals spent Friday testing the systems in the building and discovered the faulty sensor cartridge had activated the warning system.

"Everything's fine and we were back to school as normal (Monday)," Powers said. "I think the students were a little disappointed to have to come back to school."

The day off will count as a calamity day and will not have to be made up, she said.