Grove City Record

City, township look to continue joint dispatching


Jackson Township and Grove City are set to renew their long-running dispatching and communications service agreement.

Under the proposed contract addendum being considered by the city and the township, the city will continue to provide those communications services to the Jackson Township Fire Department for three years. The cost, currently $159,000 for the township, will see no change in the calendar year 2014. That will increase by 6 percent -- $9,540 -- to $168,540 for 2015 and 2016.

Grove City Deputy City Administrator and Director of Public Safety Bill Vedra said the 6 percent increase in its fee is based on projected cost increases.

"We feel that helps us cover our increased costs," he said.

The Jackson Township Board of Trustees was scheduled to vote on the proposed the addendum at its meeting on Tuesday, June 18. Prior to the meeting, members indicated they supported it.

"We're all on board with that," said Board of Trustees Chairman David Burris. "They've really been fair to us."

The current five-year dispatcher agreement between Jackson Township and Grove City is set to expire at the end of 2013. Under the terms of that agreement, the township is required to give the city six months advanced notice about its intentions, said Township Administrator Mike Lilly.

In May, the township board of trustees passed a resolution expressing an intent to renew the contract, and Grove City came back with this offer, Lilly said.

Grove City has been providing dispatching and communication services for Jackson Township and its fire division since 1986, with the current agreement approved by City Council in 2009.

"It's been a long relationship," Vedra said. "There are so many benefits for us working with the township. ... We're committed to making that work."

The Communications Information Center is housed at the Grove City Public Safety Building, the same as the Division of Police, 3360 Park St. Vedra said the city currently has 12 dispatchers, one of whom is assigned to records.

"The safety services do and need to work well together, and dispatching is key to making that happen."

Grove City Council held its first reading of the addendum at its meeting on Monday, June 17, and is scheduled to vote on its adoption at its next meeting, July 1.