Grove City Record

Board likes Bolton Crossing as name for new school


The South-Western Board of Education on Sept. 9 unofficially selected Bolton Crossing as the name of the new school building that will replace North Franklin Elementary School.

Board members will be asked to vote to approve the name once legal documentation is completed, Superintendent Bill Wise said.

The new school will be built across from Holt Crossing Intermediate School on Holt Road as part of the district's Ohio Facilities Construction Commission project.

A different name from North Franklin is needed because the new building's site is not in Franklin Township, board President Randy Reisling said.

The district had posted a survey on its website seeking the community's input on potential names for the new building.

The proposed names for the elementary school were Holt, Crossroads, Bolton, Bolton Crossing and Georgesville. Voters could also give their own suggestions.

Board member Cathy Johnson said she supports Bolton Crossing over Holt Elementary because of the confusion that might occur if Holt were used for the building located across the street from Holt Crossing Intermediate School.

A similar situation occurs with Prairie Norton Elementary School near Norton Middle School and with there also being a Prairie Lincoln Elementary School, Johnson said.

Bolton Crossing is an ideal name because it will signify the building's proximity to Bolton Field and maintain the "Crossing" theme followed by Central Crossing High School and Holt Crossing, she said.

The same kind of confusion can occur between Finland Elementary School and Finland Middle School, Reisling said.

The school colors and mascot will be determined by the students who will attend the new building and their parents, Wise said.

In other district news, the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Franklin Heights High School building will be held at 5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 13, at the school, 1001 Demorest Road in Columbus.

The Franklin Heights ROTC will conduct tours of the building every 15 minutes starting at 3:45 p.m. and ending at 4:45 p.m.

To sign up for the tour, contact Capt. Tom Lennon at 801-3261.