The Grove City Division of Police has created a new program to increase communication with the community's senior citizens.

The Grove City Division of Police has created a new program to increase communication with the community's senior citizens.

The first Seniors and Law enforcement Together meeting was held Dec. 11 at the Evans Center. SALT is a new partnership among the police, Jackson Township Fire Department and the Evans Center designed to share more information that will benefit the seniors in the community.

"It's really just sort of an engagement point, where we can talk back and forth," said Police Chief Steve Robinette.

Mayor Richard "Ike" Stage said the program also is about promoting positive interaction between the department and the community.

"We need more eyes and ears out of the system," Stage said. "More interaction with the police department on the positive side is better off for all of us."

Robinette said the goal is to make seniors aware of the services and resources available, as well as address the topics that are important or interesting to them.

"We would like to bring in speakers that appeal to you and your interests," he told Evans Center members at the meeting. "It's going to be your program."

Tom Durflinger, crime prevention coordinator with the police division, will coordinate the SALT program.

"I've gone to a lot of different SALT councils and meetings throughout the state," Durflinger said. "Every one I've been too has been different ... I'm not here to dictate the way it goes."

Durflinger said in addition to outreach and education, the department would help seniors sign up for such services as Smart911 and next of kin databases.

"We can help you with that," he said. "Anything that's going to affect your day-to-day safety."

The police division also will be working with Jackson Fire. Robinson said one coordinated aspect of SALT would be home inspections with police inspecting homes from a crime prevention standpoint and the fire department inspecting from a fire safety standpoint.

Deputy Fire Chief Rick Dawson said the department is working to add more value to the services it provides and be more proactive on addressing medical needs.

"We will come and install a smoke detector," he said. "We'll come install a change of batteries."

Robinette said the police and fire officials also are looking for more resident feedback to address any gaps or voids in service.

"We'll get you what you need," Robinette said. "You just need to let us know."

SALT will meet the second Tuesday every month at 1 p.m. in the multi-purpose room of the Evans Center, 4330 Dudley Ave.

The topics of the next meeting, scheduled for Jan. 14, include scams that target seniors, use of the do not call registry and general safety.

For more information about the new Grove City SALT partnership, contact Durflinger via email at 614-277-765 or