Grove City Record

Bitter cold prompts closings, but roads kept clear


Parks and Recreation and school programming got hit the hardest when the bitter cold temperatures and windchill hit Grove City early this week, but the roads stayed in good shape.

When the temperature plunged below 0 degrees, the city canceled Grove City Parks and Recreation programs, including RecSchool, P.A.R.K. and activities at the Evans Center and Kingston Center, for Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 6-7.

South-Western City Schools also called off classes and the LifeCare Alliance canceled home-delivered meals and the congregate meals at the Evans Center for both days.

The American Red Cross, however, was able to hold its blood drive Jan. 7, at the Kingston Center as scheduled.

While programming took a hit, the roads were kept clear.

Les Spring, director of the Grove City Public Service Division, said the city had seven salt trucks out working around 1 a.m. Monday morning and back in around 8 a.m. In those seven hours, the city dumped about 80 tons of rock salt on the roads.

"We got at it really early," Spring said. "The salt worked very well. ... Our streets are dry and clear," he said Tuesday morning.

There were no salt trucks on the road Tuesday, but there was a truck out fixing potholes, which are making an early appearance this winter.

Spring said a few potholes usually spring up in the cold weather, and as the weather warms up this week, the city planned to deploy its machine known as the Durapatcher to fix potholes with a special mix designed to last longer than the typical cold-patch mix.

In addition, the service division also will be addressing a leftover issue from the fall.

"Once it warms up, we'll actually be out picking up leaves," Spring said. "It snowed early, and the leaves fell late."

Jackson Township Road Superintendent Bob Snyder said the township has three plow trucks, two 8-ton trucks and one 4-ton truck. During this recent cold spell, they've been salting the roads.

"It really hasn't been that bad," he said.

So far this winter, the township has dropped 300 tons of salt, Snyder said.

Even with the salt, Snyder said the township doesn't typically get potholes because it doesn't get as much traffic as the city does.

This cold blast marks the second week in a row since the new year started that Grove City has had to deal with inclement weather.

The city declared a snow emergency last Thursday, Jan. 2, which ordered all vehicles parked on streets marked "Snow Emergency Routes" be removed to help facilitate the cleaning of streets.

Any vehicle that was still parked on those routes during the emergency were subject to tickets and towing at owner expense.

According to the city's website, a snow emergency is declared when snowfall exceeds 2 inches and is deemed a hazard to transportation.

For information about the city's cancellation policy, visit or call the city's Weather Update/Information Line at 614-277-3060.

For information about the city's plowing program, call 614-277-1100.