Grove City Record

Suspect in Key Bank robbery charged

Grove City police have arrested a man suspected of robbing the Grove City Key Bank at 5900 Hoover Road Feb. 1.

Michael J. Hay, 30, of Rodgers Avenue in Columbus, is charged with aggravated robbery.

Police said Hay walked into the bank at 11:25 that Saturday morning and approached a teller station. After telling the employee he was having "a long day," he took out his wallet and handed her a note that stated, "This is a robbery. Give me your money."

The man then told the teller he had a gun and demanded large bills only. The teller handed over an undisclosed amount of money from her cash drawer, and then the suspect left the bank heading eastbound on foot, toward the Landings Condominiums.

Officers recovered some money left behind the nearby condominiums, but the total amount taken in the robbery was not disclosed.

According to information from the Franklin County Municipal Court, Hay was arrested on Feb. 8 and arraigned on Feb. 10. The warrant for his arrest was issued Feb. 7.

During the robbery, the teller never saw a gun, reports said. Another employee told police she was in her side office and never saw the front of the suspect, not realizing a robbery had occurred until after he had fled. However, the suspect was seen on footage from surveillance cameras inside the bank.

This is not Hay's first encounter with police.

In June 2010, Hay was arrested and charged after being identified by the FBI as the "doo-rag bandit" for a robbery at Chase Bank, 833 S. High St. in German Village, in which police said he wore a striped bandanna on his head.