Grove City Record

Burglar hits store, busts through wall to neighbor


After breaking in through the rear door of one Stringtown Road business, a burglar broke through a bathroom mirror to reach another business in the same building, according to Grove City police.

Between noon Feb. 8, when the store closed, and 8:16 a.m. Feb. 10, when the owner arrived to open the business, someone broke into Pak Mail, 2167 Stringtown Road.

The owner told police when he arrived to open the business, he found the back door unsecured with its lock damaged. A phone box and alarm also had been ripped off a wall.

Once inside, the owner found the office and front desk areas had been rummaged through.

A number of items were reported stolen including two laptop computers valued at $1,000, a cable box valued at $250, a $250 briefcase containing personal tax records and $350 worth of tools. The lock to the shredder cabinet had been forced open as well, but the shredder already had been emptied. Total damage to the business as a result of the break-in is estimated to be more than $1,500.

In addition, the burglar or burglars broke through the drywall behind a bathroom mirror to gain access into the adjoining business, LA Tan, 2169 Stringtown Road.

Entry into LA Tan reportedly occurred between 6:30 p.m. Feb. 9 and 8:16 a.m. Feb. 10.

An employee of LA Tan reported the phone lines had been cut and the alarm disabled.

Video recording equipment valued at $1,000 was stolen plus an additional $100 in cash from a safe. It's unknown how access was gained to the safe.

Damage to the wall was estimated at $500 while damage to the phones was $100.