Two annual community events again have the go-ahead from the city to serve alcohol.

Two annual community events again have the go-ahead from the city to serve alcohol.

On Monday, May 5, Grove City Council unanimously granted waivers allowing the Grove City Sertoma Club to sell beer during the Annual Alumni Softball Tournament and allowing the Grove City Kids Association to sell beer during the Annual Homecoming Celebration.

The annual waivers are necessary because city code forbids alcoholic beverages in the parks and it prohibits people from having an open container of beer or intoxicating liquor in a public place.

The Annual Alumni Softball Tournament is scheduled July 26 and 27, at Fryer Park or Aug. 2 and 3, in the event of rain. Under the waiver granted, the Sertoma Club will be allowed to sell beer from 11 a.m. to the end of the last game but not past 10:30 p.m. within a designated area of the park.

Mayor Richard "Ike" Stage said back at the first tournament, held in 1983, alcohol was not permitted at all, but some players and fans brought in their own beverages.

"Even though we had some enforcement in place, it proliferated," he said.

Stage said there were still issues the following year, especially when coolers and other items had to be checked, so it was decided to allow a third-party organization to sell beer.

For the Annual Homecoming Celebration, scheduled to be held July 25 on the streets of the Town Center, the GCKA can sell beer from 6 to 11:30 p.m. on Broadway between Grant Avenue and Grove City Road, and on portions of Park Street.

Stage said this was done to alleviate safety concerns pertaining to overcrowding in downtown bars and restaurants during the celebration.

Building Safety Month

In other news from council Monday, at the start of the meeting, May was announced as Building Safety Month. The public safety awareness campaign was created by the International Code Council to "help individuals, families and businesses understand what it takes to create safe, resilient, affordable and energy-efficient homes and buildings," according to a news release from the city.

The theme for Building Safety Month this year is "Building Safety: Maximizing Resilience, Minimizing Risks." Each week, there will be a different theme: May 5-11, "Code Officials: Keeping Fire in Its Place;" May 12-18, "Code Officials: Helping Homeowners Weather the Storm;" May 19-25, "Code Officials: Surround Your Building with Safety;" and May 26-31, "Code Officials: Building a Brighter, More Efficient Tomorrow."

Anyone who plans to make improvements to their property, hire licensed contractors for construction work or have their property inspected is encouraged to visit or contact the Building Department at 614-277-3075.