Filing a report with the Grove City Division of Police just got more convenient for residents.

Filing a report with the Grove City Division of Police just got more convenient for residents.

Grove City police now offer Coplogic, a service that allows residents to file police reports online.

The service launched earlier this month and is available at logic.

"A citizen has already completed one online report," said police Capt. Jeff Pearson. "It was for a theft from a vehicle."

Coplogic allows residents to fill out and submit reports for minor crimes and incidents such as lost items, thefts from motor vehicles, annoying phone calls, items stolen from yards, and damage to vehicles and other property. School tips, for students who witness or experience bullying for example, also can be reported through Coplogic.

By reporting online, residents won't have to visit the police station or wait around for an officer to arrive to fill out a report.

"We want to use technology to better improve our services," Pearson said. "This is another example of how we're doing it."

The online reporting is not only more convenient for residents, but it also enables the police division to more efficiently allocate its resources.

"The philosophy is, you're doing more with less and not getting tied up," Pearson said. "It frees our officers up to be more proactive."

There are certain crimes that should not be filed online. In cases of emergency, residents should still call 911.

Other incidents, including those that take place outside city limits, involve known suspects or leave physical evidence such as blood or documents that can be collected, should be reported directly to the police division by calling 614-277-1710.

"If it's something urgent, we want people to call us," Pearson said. "Online reporting is not designed to replace a police response."

Pearson said the department still will send out an officer to take reports if that's what a resident wants.

Anyone filing a report online must be 18 years or older, unless they are reporting a school or narcotics tip.

More information about guidelines and restrictions for the service are available at the website.