The Grove City Art Concern has brought the work of a Columbus icon to the community.

The Grove City Art Concern has brought the work of a Columbus icon to the community.

The Grove City Art Concern's current exhibit, on display in council chambers at Grove City Hall through Sept. 15, features 15 pieces by late Columbus artist Edmund Kuehn. Grove City Art Concern curator Ray Kline said it was a "real coup" for the program to feature an artist of Kuehn's caliber.

"He's kind of Mr. Art in Columbus," Kline said. "It's a prestige show. ... It's a great opportunity."

Kuehn, who died in 2011 at the age of 94, graduated in 1938 from the Columbus Art School, now the Columbus College of Art & Design, where he later taught. He also worked as an instructor at Ohio State University and as curator and assistant director at the Columbus Museum of Art.

Kline said Kuehn also studied art extensively in Europe and at one point apprenticed under French artist Marcel Duchamp.

Kuehn's work has also been featured at the Columbus Museum as well as Keny Galleries in German Village, and he was featured in Who's Who in American Art.

"He was my professor at art school, and we kept a relationship through the years," Kline said. "He was like an encyclopedia of art. He was very versatile."

Kuehn's versatility will be on display in the exhibit. The 15 pieces include oil paintings; watercolors; works in gouache, which is a water-based opaque medium; and acrylics. Some of the pieces depict a pastoral setting, such as Ohio Landscape, which is made up of a diagonal, abstract design.

Kline said Kuehn worked in both classical and non-objective style. Non-objective style means it is not readily recognizable, and Kline said Kuehn used colors, shapes and textures to break up portions of a piece to create rhythm and harmony.

"It's kind of a risky concept," Kline said. "It's very hard to control, but he's done it magnificently."

The exhibit is on display at 4035 Broadway, and is open to the public. Hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Guided tours can be arranged by calling Kline at 614-875-2423.