Grove City Record

Orders Road improvements

Commission's grant paves the way for work


The Ohio Public Works Commission has awarded Grove City more than $2 million for infrastructure improvements on Orders Road, including a bike path, pedestrian trail and roundabout.

The city announced Aug. 1 it had received a grant of $2,009,615 that it sought from the OPWC for improvements on Orders west of the intersection at Old Haughn Road and Southern Grove and Discovery drives, marking the entry point for Fryer Park.

On Aug. 18, City Council kept the ball rolling by unanimously voting to appropriate money from various funds to cover current expenses for the project, including detailed design, land acquisition, utility coordination, construction management and inspections.

Construction is expected to begin next spring.

The OPWC grant covers almost two-thirds of the project cost. The remainder will be covered by permissive county license tax, local and county license fees as well as $100,000 from the city's street maintenance fund and $490,385 from the city's general fund.

"We're certainly fortunate and thankful to the Ohio Public Works Commission for the grant," City Administrator Chuck Boso said.

The entire project, estimated to cost $3,250,000, will consist of "roadway rehabilitation, including widening, incorporation of a center turn lane, storm drainage improvements, street lighting, pedestrian/bike path connectivity, intersection/traffic signal improvements and ancillary public utility improvements," according to the city ordinance.

The key improvements include annexing the roadway between Fryer Park and Old Haughn Road and lowering the speed limit to 35 mph; constructing a roundabout at the intersection of Orders Road and the new section of Haughn Road; putting a traffic signal at Fryer Park's entry; widening Orders Road to three lanes; adding a bike path and pedestrian trail from Haughn Road into Fryer Park; and storm sewer and drainage improvements to address issues at historic Century Village.

"It's something that's long overdue," Boso said. "We look forward to the connectivity of the project."

Fryer Park provides space for a number of groups and activities, including the Grove City YMCA, Eagle Pavilion, Rotary Lake, the Discovery Frontier playground and a softball complex. The city estimates the Orders Road corridor sees close to 6,000 vehicles in daily traffic.