It is another great year of high school softball in the Columbus area and once again the area is blessed with some outstanding pitchers.

It is another great year of high school softball in the Columbus area and once again the area is blessed with some outstanding pitchers.

Paige Myers of Grove City and Audrey Plant of Upper Arlington are in their fourth seasons of dominating area hitters.

Hilliard Bradley's Katie Roudabush, Hilliard Davidson's Samantha Smith, Fairbanks' Sarah Grunert and the North Union duo of Maggie McMahan and Samantha Webb have been terrific in the first half of the season.

And then there is the emergence of sophomore Savannah Dorsey of Central Crossing. Through her first 103 innings, Dorsey had 136 strikeouts, had a 0.80 ERA and had thrown two no-hitters. In addition, she was batting .380 with four home runs.

"I just love being part of this team," Dorsey said. "My teammates are my best friends and we have developed great chemistry on and off the field. We have learned how to play the game with each other, we trust each other and we know each other's strengths and weaknesses.

"From the very beginning this season, I thought we could play with any team. Our hitting is solid from the No. 1 batter through the No. 9 hitter. Everybody can get on base and, defensively, everyone can make the plays that we need to be successful, but the thing that we are doing best right now as a team is being mentally prepared to face each challenge. I know there is pressure on me as the pitcher, but my teammates understand that and totally support me and that really helps my confidence."

Rona Dorsey, Savannah's mother, is her coach. The younger Dorsey said that has been a major help.

"My mom has instilled great confidence in our team and in me and I love winning games for her, but she has taught all of us that winning is for all of us to learn from and we should gain from each victory or defeat," Savannah Dorsey said.

Discussing her own strengths as a player, Savannah Dorsey said, "I think my strength is having a variety of pitches and not being afraid to use them. I am well aware that I have a great team behind me on defense and we continue to gain confidence in ourselves by making plays in the field. When I pitched my two no-hitters, I had great belief that my team would get the job done and, really, it was no big deal when I achieved the no-hitter. We have been taught that once a game ends, you have to let it go and look ahead, and that is what I am doing each day.

"On the hitting side, I actually just had my eyes checked and everything is good. My vision is great right now. I am seeing the ball really well and have the confidence that it takes to be a good hitter. I feel like I can do anything and, once again, that is why the mental side of softball is so vital to your success."

Sounds like coach Dorsey's approach is really working for the Comets. Winning 13 times in the first 15 games is proof.

I'll see you at a game.

Larry Larson is a former athletics director at Grandview High School. He can be heard as "Mr. High School Sports" on WTVN 610 AM.