Norwich and Brown Townships share a boundary, a fire department and sometimes the same meeting dates.

Norwich and Brown Townships share a boundary, a fire department and sometimes the same meeting dates.

"Brown Township has been involved with the fire department since 1942 when the Norwich Township Fire Department was formed," said Norwich fire chief David Long.

Fire station 82, manned by the NTFD, is at the Brown Township building, 2491 Walker Road in Hilliard.

"It's been a good relationship, and it is seamless service a Brown Township resident doesn't get any different service than a Norwich Township resident gets," Long said. "The only real difference out there is they're rural, so you're farther apart. We recognized the need because of response times for a station out there and they were able to provide that."

"In the contract, Brown Township trustees provide the facility and pay for the expenses of the facility, and then we provide the fire and EMS service for the township," said Norwich Township administrator Wayne Warner.

Sharing resources isn't unusual for neighboring townships, Warner said.

"Some townships just aren't big enough to have their own department or they have a part-time volunteer department."

Both townships often share the same meeting date the third Monday evening of the month, although there are some changes.

Last week, Brown Township held its trustees meeting at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 17. Pam Sayre was named chairman of the trustees and Gary Dever was named vice chairman. Ron Williams is the third trustee.

Also at the meeting, executive assistant Elizabeth Clark reported on the Darby Accord panel, and Franklin County sheriff deputy Scott Crossley reported on crime. In addition to administrative business with fiscal officer Barbara Bloxam, the trustees heard comments and questions from two audience members.

The Brown Township trustees said their relaxed 90-minute meeting was typical. In contrast, the Norwich Township meeting, held at 6:30 p.m. Jan. 18, was a speedy affair, wrapping up in around 20 minutes. There were a couple of guests, but none spoke formally during the meeting.

Next month's Brown Township meeting on Feb. 21 may have a special guest Norwich Township trustee Chuck Buck.

Warner said it's not unusual for trustees to show up at a neighboring township's meeting.

"Our trustees generally try to attend at least one or two (of Brown's) meetings a year," Warner said. "Townships are a lot more active than people realize."