I graduated in 1990 from a school that did not need to pass a levy in the four years I attended high school.

To the editor:

I graduated in 1990 from a school that did not need to pass a levy in the four years I attended high school.

I did not realize at the time how lucky I was. I could sit back and enjoy an incredible time in my life. Most of us do not recognize how much we grow through these important years. I was able to enjoy not only being a three-sport athlete, but I could also be in the choir, and still be in our school plays, as well.

One thing I have learned over the years is that when you are a high school student, you are always learning. You just don't learn in the classroom, but on the field, the court, the track and the pool, and on a course and on the stage. You are always learning. The entire time you are in high school, you are a sponge absorbing everything around you. I was lucky enough to have so many positive influences around me for four incredible years.

We have these same positive influences in the Hilliard School District. However, we are in jeopardy of losing some, maybe all, of these positive influences if Issue 17, the Hilliard School District levy, does not pass on Nov. 8.

Please do not take away the same experience from our students that I (and more than likely, you) was able to enjoy in our life time. These four critical years help form the people we have become today. Please keep this in mind when you vote in November. Let's give these kids the same opportunity we enjoyed. Vote yes for Issue 17.

What do your children want to be when they grow up? Do they dream about dotting the "i" in Ohio Stadium? Would they like to be a princess in a play? How about running for a championship touchdown? More importantly, does your child dream of going to college or getting a good job?

Those dreams start now. The training, education and skills they will need are honed in the elementary, middle and high schools in Hilliard. Those dreams are at risk. On Nov. 8, Hilliard voters will decide our students' futures and if their dreams can become a reality.

With the reduction of state funds - the state has cut $13.3 million to Hilliard City Schools - our students need voters to help them maintain the excellence in the schools. Our "Excellence with Distinction" rating is one of the few in the state, and we have the lowest-per-pupil cost among schools in central Ohio who received this rating.

That means our district is doing more with less every day. The teachers have stepped up: During the next three years they've agreed to freeze their pay and contribute more to their health insurance. This is saving the district $9.6 million. Additionally, since 2008, the district has cut more than $10 million.

For the average $200,000 home, this levy will cost a family about $1 a day to maintain the excellence in the schools, classroom education opportunities and student services. If a family has in increase in their budget because they suddenly need to find transportation to and from school for their high schooler, to pay higher sports and arts fees, or to hire a tutor because the classroom sizes increase, it will cost much more than $1 per day.

I know my kids, their hopes, dreams and futures are worth $1 per day. I hope you'll agree and vote yes on Issue 17.