Hilliard is on pace to finish the year with a general operating fund in the black.

Hilliard is on pace to finish the year with a general operating fund in the black.

Deputy Finance Director David Delande provided a third-quarter financial summary at the Oct. 22 meeting of the Finance and Administration Committee of Hilliard City Council.

Delande said the city's general-fund revenue through the first three quarters of 2012 is slightly greater than estimated, and that the city's expenditures are slightly less than forecasted, both good indicators that the city likely will finish the year increasing its cash balance, currently at about $3.4 million.

Through Sept. 30, the city's general-fund revenue exceeded expenditures by $883,367.

According to Delande's report, Hilliard had collected 77 percent of the general-fund income-tax revenue estimated for the year, or 2 percent greater than estimated.

Fines and permit revenue were collected at the estimated amount, but interest revenue was again lower than expected. The city collected 67 percent of estimated revenue through Sept. 30.

Hilliard estimated interest revenue at $63,000 and has collected $41,942 through Sept. 30.

In 2007, Hilliard earned about $800,000 in annual interest-based revenue, Delande said.

On the expenses side of the ledger, Hilliard has spent $13.2 million for general-fund expenses, or 67 percent of the estimated $19.6 million in general fund expenses for 2012.

Hilliard Mayor Don Schonhardt cautioned to consider that expenses this year were curtailed, in part, because of a mild winter.

Schonhardt said while the administration has been fiscally responsible, some of the savings are attributable to an uncontrollable factor.

"We spent less on overtime ... (and) on salt ... and we can't assume that (will happen again)," Schonhardt said.

In other action at the Finance and Administration Committee meeting, members forwarded legislation amending a tax-increment financing agreement with the Credit Union of Ohio and legislation authorizing the finance director to establish a compliance policy for the issuance of bonds.

Prior to the Finance and Administration Committee meeting, members of the City Planning, Projects and Services Committee met and forwarded three resolutions and one ordinance to City Council.

Legislation included an ordinance authorizing the mayor to contract with Franklin County Public Health for plumbing inspection services and a resolution authorizing the service director to enter into an agreement with MS Consultants for the preliminary design of the Cosgray Road extension south to Alton Darby Creek Road.

The project, estimated at $500,000, will not cost the city, as the Ohio Department of Transportation will pay MS Consultants for the work, Service Director Butch Seidle said.

Members of the Lifelong Community Enrichment Committee also met and heard a proposal from City Vision, a Gahanna-based company, concerning the filming of Hilliard area activities for Internet broadcast.

Three cities -- Gahanna, Grove City and Westerville -- and the Columbus neighborhood of Clintonville, currently broadcast. Typically, a city broadcasts at least four segments, often divided into channels such as government, schools, business and faith.

Businesses sponsor videos that air in advance of the filmed segments to fund the cost of production, said Ron Smith, president of City Vision.

Smith told committee members the city would have control over what material is used and how it is presented. A representative must attend a once-a-month programming session.

Committee members made no decision at the meeting concerning participation in the program.