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Hilliard law director Fox leaving for Worthington job


Hilliard Law and Safety Director Pam Fox this week accepted the law director position for the city of Worthington.

Worthington City Council acted Nov. 12 to hire Fox.

Fox, 55, a Worthington resident, was assistant law director for Worthington from 1993 until 2004 when she was hired as Hilliard's law director by Mayor Don Schonhardt.

Fox said her experience as Hilliard's law director has prepared her well for the job in Worthington.

Fox will remain law and safety director of Hilliard until Dec. 28. She officially begins her as law director of Worthington Dec. 31.

"I wasn't looking (for a new job) but the opportunity presented itself and it was something I wanted to do," said Fox, who expressed interest in the job when current Worthington Law Director Michael Minister announced his retirement, effective at the end of the year, after about 30 years at Worthington.

Minister was the city attorney during Fox's tenure as assistant law director.

Fox sad she also chose to take advantage of the opportunity as it is not yet known whether Schonhardt will seek re-election in 2015.

"I have so much valued my time here in Hilliard ... and was exposed to such a wide variety of experience that prepares me (to serve as law director in Worthington)," Fox said.

Fox said she advised Schonhardt she was interviewing for the post but that the process moved quickly,

She immediately notified Schonhardt upon the action of Worthington City Council.

The new post represents a slight salary cut for Fox, who this year earned $127,000 in the dual role of law and safety director for Hilliard.

She will earn $116,000 annually as law director of Worthington.

Fox earned an undergraduate degree from the Ohio State University and a law degree from Capital University.