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School board

Teater elected president, Whiting vice president


Hilliard school board members elected a new president and vice president at an organizational meeting held immediately prior to the regularly scheduled Jan. 14 board meeting.

Board members made one nomination for each office and both were approved unanimously.

Andy Teater was named president and Lisa Whiting vice president for 2013.

Whiting had served as the board president for the past two years and Teater as vice president.

Board members also adopted a meeting schedule for the2013 calendar year and adopted standard authorizations for 2013.

These included more than a dozen actions including the appointments of purchasing agents, employment of temporary personnel, board compensation, disposal of excess property and membership in various organizations.

Board member Paul Lambert called into question one of the items included in the list of standing authorizations, that of membership in the National School Boards Association, but his opposition to the membership ultimately was defeated.

Lambert made a motion that a resolution authorizing membership in three organizations, the National School Boards Association, the Ohio School Boards Association and the Metropolitan Education Council, be amended so as to remove the reference to the National School Boards Association.

Lambert said, according to the treasurer's office, that the district spends $55,000 annually for membership in the associations and the cost to attend associated conferences.

A third of the total spending for such memberships and travel, about $19,000 last year, was for those associated with the National School Boards Association.

Lambert said while he acknowledged the value of such memberships and opportunities to interact with colleagues and keep up to speed with new developments, he questioned the return in value for the national conference.

"I'm not proposing that our NSBA membership and the participation by members of this board in the annual conference has no value, only that I don't feel there is sufficient return on investment to warrant spending that kind of money," said Lambert, adding that the Ohio School Boards Association is equally capable of keeping local boards apprised of matters originating at the national level.

"NSBA membership seems redundant in my opinion," he said.

Further, Lambert said there is precedent for dropping membership in the NSBA.

School boards in Worthington, Marysville, Olentangy and South-Western have withdrawn from the NSBA, said Lambert, who made a motion to remove membership in the NSBA from the resolution.

The motion was defeated 4-1, with only Lambert voting in favor of the motion.