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National Association of Small Business Owners

Hilliard company offers support services to entrepreneurs


Richard Waldman founded a consultation business five years ago at his Hilliard home to give owners of small businesses a helping hand.

The National Association of Small Business Owners has expanded quite a bit since then, so much so that Waldman had to find a new home for his company as his number of clients and scope of services increased.

A grand opening for the new headquarters of the National Association of Small Business Owners was held last month at the One Mill Run office building, 3455 Mill Run Drive.

"I wanted to stay in Hilliard," said Waldman, who credits Hilliard Economic Development Director David Meeks, Mayor Don Schonhardt, Councilman Nathan Painter and other city officials with facilitating an economic-incentive agreement that allowed him to open his new office.

The incentive is a five-year, 12 percent income-tax credit worth $21,260. It is contingent on the company adding 20 new jobs in Hilliard.

Waldman, 41, a New York native, said the National Association of Small Business Owners offers education and support services for owners of businesses with fewer than 100 employees.

Continuing education, products and services are widely available to large firms, but finding those same resources and identifying which are relevant to small business owners is a greater challenge, Waldman said.

"Small business owners in many instances don't have the time to collect and disseminate the information," Waldman said. "The National Association of Small Business Owners wants to be the one place a small business owner can turn to again and again to receive ongoing assistance and support for anything related to their business."

Prior to founding and becoming CEO of the National Association of Small Business Owners, Waldman, who calls himself a "serial entrepreneur," said he launched nine companies in various industries that enjoyed different levels of success.

Most recently, he launched a mortgage company in New York that expanded to include nearly 100 loan officers before he sold it.

Waldman moved to Florida where he planned to enjoy semi-retirement, but a series of hurricanes contributed to a family decision to move north in 2006.

Using his experience in small business, he later founded the National Association of Small Business Owners.

Waldman's association now leases 3,565 square feet at One Mill Run and currently employs 11 people, but, Waldman said, he expects to hire 100 employees this year at virtual or at-home offices throughout the United States.

At the same time the association opened at One Mill Run, it shifted from a consultancy to a membership-based organization.

In addition to educational services and technology-based support, the association also provides discount programs.

Examples of services include merchant processing discounts.

"We're saving a small business in Florida about $10,000 a year by providing a service that allows the company to realize more profit from credit cards used by reducing associated fees," Waldman said.

While currently focused on providing services to existing small businesses, Waldman said, the association is developing support programs to help entrepreneurs launch new ones.

For more information about the National Association of Small Business Owners, visit nasbo.biz.