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Landmark Lofts should be scaled back

To the Editor:

Most politicians and developers have one thing in common: here today, gone tomorrow, leaving behind what they thought was best for our community.

The Old Hilliard district landscape could be changing forever in the hands of our administration and City Council. I am referencing the Landmark Lofts development that is being proposed close to the Main Street roundabouts.

The developer John Royer of Buckeye KRG wants to build 181 one- and two-bedroom, four-story apartments that will total four buildings on 5.81 acres. This is one of three major apartment complexes being built in our Hilliard community; however this project has not been finalized with approval by our City Council.

The developer introduced this project by saying the one- and two-bedroom apartments as the best development for the site, according to his professional marketing team. In addition, he sold the city on this proposal by saying it would not impact the schools due to the size of the units and that it would rent to a 20-something professional crowd.

However, when the community rejected the amount of units and height, the developer fired back that if he reduces the project he will turn to three- and four-bedroom apartments to make up for his loss. That is what he thinks about: his pocketbook, not the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

Old Hilliard belongs to the entire community. Old Hilliard property owners love to share the district with everyone. However, this project needs scaled back to three floors and fewer units with one- and two-bedroom apartments, as proposed.

Please support concerned Old Hilliard residential property owners by telling City Council no to this proposal. Contact City Council aide Lynne Fasone at lfasone@hilliardohio.gov or mail letters to City Hall at 3800 Municipal Way.

Benjamin Buoni