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Brown Township slates June 25 review of comprehensive plan

Brown Township residents will have the opportunity to review the latest comprehensive plan at a public meeting from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, June 25, at Hilliard Bradley High School, 2800 Walker Road.

The comprehensive plan focuses on how land in Brown Township should be used and functions as a guide for future development and infrastructure projects.

Franklin County Economic Development and Planning Department officials will present a draft policy for the revised comprehensive plan and ask residents for feedback.

Residents may also return a mailed survey or take it online at tinyurl.com/browntownshipplan until July 2.

Once all the feedback is compiled, the Franklin County Economic Development and Planning Department and a working committee overseeing the revision effort will review the recommended policy changes.

The revised recommendations will be presented for public feedback in November 2013, said Matt Brown, planner and floodplain manager for the economic development and planning department.

-- Kevin Corvo