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Township names two new fire captains and lieutenants


The Norwich Township Fire Department promoted two firefighters to lieutenant and two lieutenants to captain at the June 18 trustees' meeting.

Jeff Evans and Robert Fox are the department's new captains and Steve Campbell and Travis Schulz are the new lieutenants.

The promotions are effective July 1.

Norwich Township Fire Chief Bob Kaufman said one of the captain positions is new; the other became open after the retirement of Capt. Vince Papa.

Kaufman said he awaited approval of the fire levy in November before requesting the purchase of new equipment and the hiring of new personnel, which also included restructuring the chain of command.

Previously, captains worked what resembled a 40-hour work week; as part of the restructure, captains will work shifts of 24 hours on, 48 hours off, the same as firefighters. The result will be an on-duty captain for each unit at all times.

"I have full confidence these officers are fully capable of performing all the duties necessary for their assigned positions (and) these officers will serve our community well, with honor and pride," Kaufman said.

Evans and Fox are both graduates of Hilliard High School.

Evans was hired in 1991 and promoted to lieutenant in 2009.

"Hard work pays off," Evans said. "I'll do the best I can do."

Fox was hired in 1995 and promoted to lieutenant in 2004.

"I hope to use this position as a conduit to help Norwich Township become an even stronger and smarter department," Fox said.

Campbell began his career as a Norwich Township firefighter in 2000.

"I'm grateful for this opportunity," he said.

Schulz, who was absent from the ceremony, was hired in 1996.

In addition to the promotions, Kaufman said, the department is in the final stages of hiring five new firefighters.

A pinning ceremony for the new firefighters is tentatively scheduled for the July 16 trustees' meeting.

In other business June 18, the trustees adopted the 2014 operating budget.

The tentative operating budget is an estimate of next year's budget, subject to probable amendments, but required to be filed with the Franklin County Auditor's Office by July 22, said Fiscal Officer Jamie Miles.

The estimated budget for Norwich Township in 2014 is $15.95 million and reflects a 1.7-percent reduction because several capital purchases made in the current budget are not included in the 2014 budget, Miles said, and is calculated without consideration of intrafund transfers.

The fire fund, which is within the general operating fund, has a budget next year of $12.5 million.