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Hilliard earns mostly A’s and B’s


The Ohio Department of Education on Aug. 22 released its report cards for public school districts.

Unlike previous years, the ODE issued letter grades for dozens of individual criteria, creating what state officials said is a more accurate barometer of the effectiveness of a district’s education relative to individual students.

More “value-added” categories also have been added.

Hilliard received an A or a B in almost every category, but there were a few exceptions, including a D for “gifted value-added,” a measurement of how much progress gifted students made in one year.

Overall, Hilliard earned an A for its “value-added” measurement for how much progress all students made during one academic year.

Hilliard met all 24 of the state standards and earned an A.

For its performance index, a measurement of the overall achievements of all students in the district, Hilliard scored a 103.6, for a grade of B.

Districts will not receive an overall letter grade until 2015.

For the past five years, Hilliard City Schools had received the highest possible rating of “Excellent with Distinction” on state report cards.