As we prepare for the start of a new school year, there is much anticipation and excitement in the Hilliard City Schools.

As we prepare for the start of a new school year, there is much anticipation and excitement in the Hilliard City Schools.

One of the new opportunities for me in Hilliard schools is the chance to communicate with you, our community, through a monthly column in the ThisWeek Hilliard Northwest News.

My pledge as your superintendent isn't to merely fill a monthly article with feel-good stories, but to honestly engage you about both our successes and our challenges.

Yes, we have amazing teachers and staff members that dedicate their lives to creating a better future for the young people in our schools. Yes, we have remarkable students that boggle the mind with their skills, talents and accomplishments.

Yes, the academic success in Hilliard schools is well known and the value we provide to our community is second to none. Yes, we are thankful for the support of our parents and community who believe in the power of education.

Nevertheless, education is hard work.

In the Hilliard schools, we strive to empower, embrace and inspire every student to reach his or her highest potential. This is a lofty goal. We are preparing students for a different job market; for success in a world that does not yet exist.

Our vision -- Ready for Tomorrow -- is predicated on dedication, innovation and collaboration. We will have failures -- that's part of learning. We must engage in these conversations together as partners with the immense responsibility for preparing the next generation of American leaders.

There is no "good enough" for our young people. We must continue to strive for excellence and reinvent ourselves.

Our teachers, maintenance crews, support staff and administrators have been hard at work this summer, preparing for the first day of school. Hilliard schools hosted the Innovative Learning Environments Conference at Hilliard Bradley High School -- a statewide opportunity for educators to engage in important discussions about moving education forward.

We are opening the McVey Innovative Learning Center -- a truly groundbreaking step as our district provides instructional opportunities that meet each individual student's learning needs.

We also will work together to implement a myriad of new state requirements and mandates. To be honest, it is a balancing act in some cases.

We have local needs, expectations and dreams. We will continue to work to balance mandates from downtown and Washington, D.C., with our local priorities.

I look forward to the work we are embarking upon at the start of this school year. With you as our partners, we are able to prepare the next generation of young people to be Ready for Tomorrow.

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