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Committee discussions Trash-hauling services soon could change

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Hilliard officials are considering preferred services for solid-waste disposal and recycling that would be effective next summer.

Service Director Butch Seidle and Mayor Don Schonhardt outlined the choices available to the city at the Sept. 9 meeting of City Council's City Planning, Projects and Services Committee.

The city's current one-year contract extension with Rumpke expires June 30, 2014.

Facing a deadline earlier this year, city officials opted to accept a one-year renewal offer from Rumpke but pledged to start early to solicit bids for the next contract.

Once City Council members set parameters for desired services and policies, Seidle said, he will prepare a contract for review and seek bids from solid-waste disposal and recycling providers.

The city currently provides a 10 percent discount for residents age 65 and older. The same discount is provided to s well as for any resident who pays for one year of service up front rather than in quarterly payments. A senior citizen who pays a year up front would receive a 20 percent discount.

Discounts for hardship cases, depending on the public assistance programs in which a resident is enrolled, generally total 30 to 40 percent, Seidle said.

"And these compound, but you could decide to set a cap for a maximum discount," he said.

Also to be determined is whether yard-waste pickup will remain the same as a resident's assigned day for solid waste and recyclables.

The city has the option of requesting yard-waste pickups on Mondays, while solid waste and recyclables would be collected Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Hilliard's city code prohibits placing disposable material on the curb more than 24 hours in advance of collection day, but some residents with pickup days later in the week typically put yard waste on the curb on Mondays.

Another variable is the size of solid waste and recyclable containers suppliers provide customers.

Some are 65 gallons and some are as large as 90 gallons. In addition, some containers are covered and others are not.

Officials also previously debated whether 90-gallon containers are too cumbersome.

Larger containers, however, could allow the city to opt for a two-week period between collections for recyclable material rather than one week.

Solid waste still would be picked up weekly.

Billing is another issue and city officials have said they prefer to bill in-house for solid-waste disposal and recycling as part of a new contract.

"Billing in-house would allow us to better handle delinquent accounts," Schonhardt said.


Sports complex lease

In other action at the Sept. 9 committee meeting, Law Director Tracy Bradford outlined amendments to a proposed ground lease with Bo Jackson Elite Sports.

A groundbreaking for the proposed 114,000-square-foot sports dome is scheduled Sept. 23 at Roger A. Reynolds Municipal Park.

Officials from Bo Jackson Elite Sports asked for a 10-year lease extension to be congruent with other leases associated with the facility, Bradford said.

Bo Jackson Elite Sports could lease the city-owned park property for up to 60 years, according to the lease.

The proposed lease also provides an incentive. If the sports complex provides an area for city recreational programs for 40 hours a week, scheduled so as not to conflict with peak activities for private uses, the city would reduce the lease amount to $100 a year.

If the terms are not met, it would revert to $105,000, an amount equal to 10 percent of the city's investment in the property to make it suitable for its intended use.

The city also will permit the facility to offer either a cash escrow or an irrevocable letter of credit for collateral in the event the facility is not financially successful.

"This will be a real feather in our cap to bring this to our community," Schonhardt said.