Hilliard Northwest News

Land near Davidson Road, I-270 a potential data-center site


For the first time, Hilliard has a "qualified data-center site," said Hilliard Economic Development Director David Meeks.

American Electric Power recently certified 43 acres fronting Interstate 270 north of Davidson Road and Trueman Boulevard as a qualified data-center site.

That means, Meeks said, AEP has certified the site has all the necessary amenities and the capacity to support a data center, which typically needs robust power supplies and available high-speed information networks.

Meeks said the practice of certifying that a parcel is "business ready" for a specific use is becoming more common.

"The next time a company is looking for a data center site, we can show we have it immediately ready, and that gives us a better chance for a company to locate here," he said.

Meeks said the certification gives the site "an advantage in the highly competitive site-selection process for data centers" and places Hilliard in a good position to take advantage of the next opportunity of a company shopping for a data-center site.

"We look for growth opportunities (whenever we can) to enhance our local and regional economy," Meeks said.

AEP commissioned Biggs Lacy Shapiro and Co. to study the 43 acres, known as the Wolpert Greenfield site, and determined it has a "reliable and redundant power supply, strong fiber networks, low disaster risks and a business-friendly climate," according to a press release announcing the certification process.