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Grades soon will be available to parents online


Effective this school year, Hilliard parents and guardians can view almost all of their children's grades online.

Quarterly and trimester report cards for all students, as well as grades for some class projects and individual tests, will be available online at the school district's Home Access Center.

Beginning Oct. 25, online reports will be available for students in grades six to 12.

Beginning Nov. 15, they will be available for students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

To access the reports, parents should go to hilliardschools.org and click on the purple "Parents" tab. To access the reports, they must enter the passwords they created when their children first were enrolled.

District spokeswoman Amanda Morris said every family has an account associated with an enrolled student, but if parents need help accessing the account, they should contact the school their child attends.

Some grades were available online in previous years, but this school year the district mostly will suspend the printing of paper grade cards, Morris said.

Exceptions will be made for families without Internet access, believed to be less than 5 percent of the district's families, Morris said.

The shift from traditional report cards to the Home Access Center will save time and money, Morris said.

She said the district spent about $11,300 last year to print report cards for elementary, middle and high school students.

District officials said they hope the new delivery system also will strengthen communication between parents and teachers.

"While technology can offer greater speed and efficiency, nothing replaces the importance of a face-to-face conversation. This is especially true when it comes to communications between parents and teachers (about a child's education)," Superintendent John Marschhausen said in a press release.

Last year, parents of students in grades six to 12 received interim progress reports through the Home Access Center, and a pilot group of third-grade students and their parents were introduced to the online process, Morris said.