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Train crossings at Davidson, Leap roads are now quiet zones


CSX railroad officials have advised Hilliard the company will recognize grade crossings at Davidson and Leap roads as quiet zones.

The quiet zones were to become effective Nov. 4, city Service Director Butch Seidle said.

If a city meets the criteria for quiet zones and CSX approves it, approaching trains do not blow whistles except if a train engineer deems it necessary, Seidle said.

In 2009, city officials advised CSX they desired to meet the requirements of a quiet zone. The following year, the city spent $24,000 to build concrete medians at the grade crossings at Davidson and Leap roads.

The medians, which are several inches in height, prevent motorists from driving around closed gates and are required as part of the quiet-zone criteria.

Another requirement is the installation of a signal to alert approaching engineers of a power failure in the area.

Leap Road had such a signal, but Davidson Road did not, and the missing signal at the Davidson Road postponed the finalization of the quiet zone for more than a year, Seidle said.

The quiet zone does not apply to the grade crossing just to the north at Hayden Run Road because it is in the city of Columbus. The Hayden Run Road crossing does not meet the criteria for a quiet zone and Columbus would be responsible for doing so, Seidle said.