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Bradley wins $25,000 in contest

Hilliard Bradley High School is the recipient of a $25,000 prize in a State Farm Insurance contest.

Students and staff at Bradley, as well as family and friends, were required to complete safe-driving pledges, said Mindy Mordarski, Bradley's principal.

Those pledges included following practices such as not texting while driving.

Viewers then voted on each school's website for the contest. Each vote required the viewer to answer three questions concerning safe-driving practices.

Bradley is required to use 10 percent of the prize money to support teen-driver safety programs and safe-driving awareness.

The remainder can be used at the school's discretion.

"We are still processing how we will spend the money," Mordarski said.

Mordarski said students have made early indications of waiting until the spring and using the money for programs aimed at awareness of safe driving during the prom and graduation season.

As for the remainder of the money, Mordarski said, students want "to create a positive school climate."

"Many have indicated wanting to donate to charities," Mordarski said.

Bradley is one of 100 high schools in the country to receive the prize.

Mike McClaskie, a State Farm agent whose son is a Bradley graduate, facilitated the school's entry in the contest.

-- Kevin Corvo