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Trash-contract bids to request Monday yard-waste pickup


If it is not cost-prohibitive, Hilliard's refuse disposal and recycling provider will be asked to collect yard waste each Monday when city officials sign a new contract.

The Monday collection will be an alternative bid the city will send to providers early next year.

Hilliard's current provider, Rumpke, picks up solid waste, recyclable materials and yard waste at one time, Tuesdays through Thursdays, in various parts of the city.

That practice would not change if rates for a Monday pickup of yard waste are deemed too high, city officials said at a Dec. 16 meeting of Hilliard City Council's planning, projects and services committee.

City officials desire a Monday collection of yard waste to reduce the length of time containers of yard waste, most often generated on weekends, sit on the curb from Sunday evenings to a resident's given collection day.

Committee members and Butch Seidle, the city's public-services director, finalized the details of a bid package Seidle will present to City Council in January before it is sent to potential providers.

The current contract with Rumpke expires July 31, 2014.

The city will maintain a policy of providing a 10-percent discount for senior citizens and a 10-percent discount for those who pay for the entire year in advance. Senior citizens who pay in advance would receive a 20-percent discount.

Residents will be billed twice a year rather than quarterly under the new contract and the city will directly bill residents instead of the provider.

The most significant change will be a switch to automated collection.

Residents will be provided with a 65-gallon receptacle for solid waste and an identical container for recyclable materials.

Residents can opt for a 96-gallon container.

In an effort to encourage recycling, the city will pay the upgrade fee for a 96-gallon container for recyclables, but residents who want a larger container for solid waste will pay the difference.

Some residents have said the 65-gallon container is too large.

Claudette Colbert, who lives on Berry Leaf Place and is a trustee of the Bay Berry Creek Condominium Association, told committee members the garages of many condo owners would not accommodate two 65-gallon containers and a vehicle.

"Some of us won't be able to have the trash cans and our cars in the garage together," Colbert said.

She also said some residents would not physically be capable of placing and removing containers of such size for collection.

Seidle said exceptions would be made when necessary.

If cul-de-sacs don't provide access for automated collection, providers would collect by hand, he said, and a "backdoor service" would be provided for customers with qualifying medical conditions.

Seidle said he would inquire whether resident scan use containers smaller than 65 gallons; residents in other cities, such as Dublin, have a variety of sizes in use.

Council members also asked Seidle to seek a alternative bid for the city's provider to supply portable restrooms at such city-sponsored events as the Solebrate! Food and Music Festival and the Old Hilliardfest Art and Street Fair.